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Custom Vertical Canvas - Graduation Gift (Online Design & Preview)

Custom Vertical Canvas - Graduation Gift (Online Design & Preview)


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* Artist quality ultr-thick cotton canvas, 360 gsm woven.
* Fade-resistant UV archival inks, long-lasting lightfast canvas prints.
* Protective coating, resist to scratching and spillages.
* Wooden frame inside, wrapped with canvas outside.
   (You can also choose no frame)
* One-side printing.
* Non-waterproof.

This custom canvas is among the best college or high school graduation gifts for your son and daughter. Because this gift encourages them. Besides, never be afraid, you are always loved much more than you know. Therefore, this custom canvas gift motivates your child greatly to never fear of what is coming.

A special thing about this print is you can add the class that he/she graduates. The result is a stunning graduation gift for the class of 2020!


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